What is a business apartment?

A business apartment by West Home is a convenient and affordable alternative to expensive hotel rooms. The apartments are fully furnished apartment equipped for self-catering which means that the tenant can live an everyday life just like home. Running costs, WiFi, bed linen and towels are included in the rent and the check-in can be done at all hours of the day and check-out as well. The apartments can be booked for one month and up to several years. The longer the booking, the cheaper the rent.


How long can I stay in a business apartment?

We rent out our apartments from one month to several years. The longer you rent, the cheaper the rent.


What does it cost to rent a business apartment?

The rent varies depending on the size, standard and location of the apartment. The longer you rent the apartment, the cheaper the rent. We always present the exact rent level, terms and conditions and photos of the apartment in order for you to make up your mind about which option is the best for you.


What is included when I rent a business apartment?

For rental contracts between one to six months, our apartments are booked and paid per day, just like a hotel booking. Running costs, WiFi, bed linen, towels and final cleaning is included in the rent for a comfortable living. You decide exactly what dates you want to book the apartment for and you only pay rent for those exact days.

For rental contracts that are longer than six months, we offer an affordable monthly rent. The rent includes running costs, WiFi, bed linen and towels. The final cleaning is arranged for at the end of the rental contract.


How do I book a business apartment?

Bookings are made directly with our booking department, which you will get in touch with here

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